Gene Solutions has built the largest Vietnamese genomic database

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In an effort to create a comprehensive testing ecosystem for all ages and needs, Gene Solutions has performed more than 350,000 tests by March 2022. This is also the largest genomic database of Vietnamese people so far. 

The largest Vietnamese genomic database 

Over the last 5 years, Gene Solutions has performed more than 350,000 genetic tests. We are proud to possess the largest gene database in Vietnam nowadays, with a variety of genetic codes, ages, demographic factors and diseases (infants, pediatric patients, adults, pregnant women, cancer patients, healthy adults…). Among which, there are more than 265,000 non-invasive tests for pregnant women (NIPT), over 32,000 cancer test samples, as well as 20,000 tests on pediatric patients. 

By providing genetic testing, Gene Solutions helps 50,000 high-risk pregnant women avoid invasive diagnoses that impact pregnancy; 6,000 cancer patients have access to gene mutations in targeted therapy; 3,000 patients with (metastatic) cancer approach proprietary liquid biopsy technology; 2,000 pediatric patients have been identified with rare diseases and have access to precise therapies. 

Big genomic data enables R&D activities at Gene Solutions to continuously obtain new achievements, and our genetic testing solutions are internationally recognized.

These achievements contribute to improving public health, with the advanced, high-quality and affordable genetic solutions. Moreover, Gene Solutions is creating a solid database for many future researches and inventions, which will profoundly change our health care methods, disease models, as well as the effectiveness of incurable diseases, such as cardiovascular and cancer – which are currently a medical and social burden in Vietnam.  

Reliable gene sequencing technology 

In order to build a big reliable database for Vietnamese genetics, the scale of testing and accuracy of sample screening play the most important role. 

Gene Solutions’ data is very reliable thanks to: 

– US-standard DNA sampling kit: taking samples at home is extremely simple, safe, fast and painless by cheek swab technique from the US 

– Team of leading experts: geneticists, biomedical experts graduated from prestigious universities and research institutes in the US, UK, Australia, Belgium, Canada and Vietnam 

– Quick results: fast and accurate results in 7-15 days from an international standard lab EMQN, ensuring no duplicate samples 

– Modern technology: applying Next Generation Sequencing with ultra-deep sequencing to detect mutations in DNA, with 99% accuracy, high power and wide survey range. 

Big genomic data is re-applied for further research, 

making progress in screening and early disease detection 

 The largest Vietnamese genetic data is backed up by the constant efforts of an excellent R&D team, focusing on researching and applying useful technologies to increase the accessibility of Vietnamese people to good quality and affordable genetic tests. This is how Gene Solutions contributes to the goal of enhancing the quality of medical examination and treatment in Vietnam, so as to improve individual and community health.  

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