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Gene Solutions is proud to be one of a few organizations in Vietnam which are equipped with leading modern laboratories and machines imported from the United States and Europe. Our facilities and equipment meet both domestic and international quality standards. 

Internationally certified system of laboratories  

Gene Solutions offers a comprehensive set of solutions with 28 tests to support doctors in disease detection and accurate treatment in pregnancy care, genetic cancer and chronic genetic disease screening. We are able to fulfill these tasks thanks to a firm foundation of research and development (R&D) and a system of laboratories including 2 powerful standard genetic testing laboratories, which are certified by:  

  • International standard ISO 13485: 2022 on quality and competence of medical laboratories (Medical laboratory ISO standards 13485). 
  • External control of international standards EMQN – UK and standard internal control. 
  • The US. Illumina next generation sequencing system, the most advanced gene testing technology so far, with high accuracy and performance, suitable for many applications in cancer screening and diagnosis. 

Armed with well-invested, constantly updated technology, a powerful team of scientists and the largest source of Vietnamese genetic data, Gene Solutions provides optimized genetic tests specifically for Vietnamese people. Our test offers a fast result delivery, with sensitivity and specificity up to 99%, and comprehensive support before, during and after the test. 

Standard processes to optimize customer experience 

In order to serve the needs of large-scale testing, Gene Solutions invests carefully in the facilities and laboratories, with ISO-standard sample process and analysis. Our system of laboratories includes extraction rooms, multiplying rooms, and a data analysis system with the latest server to manage large databases as well as ensuring the privacy and security of personal health and business information… The laboratory operation area is in compliance with updated regulations. Our methodical closed process, temperature and sterility factors are always strictly controlled. 

Gene Solutions’ team has been recognized for its testing capabilities, through the training process of the US. standard technology companies. Training courses and assessment of output quality are held routinely to ensure the synchronization between human expertise and state-of-the-art machines and equipment, which are continuously updated for the laboratories.  

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The community program “Towards a genetically healthy Vietnamese generation” aims to raise awareness about screening and early detection of cancer by donating 7000 free SPOT-MASTM cancer screenings, with a total value of more than VND50 billion, to more than 100 businesses, hospitals and clinics across the country.

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