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Technology is considered a core value in Gene Solutions as well as human factors. Our R&D team are the pioneers in terms of genetic research in Vietnam, contributing to the goals of elevating healthcare standards, creating better life quality for the next generation starting from genes. 

Conducting in-depth research with scientific foundations 

Always striving for excellence, we realize the concept “from the lab to life” can be applied comprehensively from preventive medicine to disease treatment. Gene Solutions team of experts is not only recognized in Vietnam but also got a great deal of international awards and publications. 

After 5 years of establishment, Gene Solutions has gathered a team of hundreds of experts, including a medical team with 14 doctors to support genetic counseling with 6 ongoing research, in addition to new technologies and genetic experiments. In particular, the Research and Development (R&D) and Data departments have 15 PhDs in the fields of Genetics, Cancer Biology, Bioinformatics, Computer Science, with more than 15 international publications on genetics. 

Gene Solutions’ R&D team is always at the forefront of applying and mastering liquid biopsy technology with advanced machine learning algorithms and big data infrastructure coming hand in hand.  Genomic models of cancer patients and healthy people are compared for anomaly detection that supports the prognosis of diseases. The technology shows exactly whether a tumor is present in the body or not, and what percentage of the primary organ is. Patients can continue to conduct medical imaging to find out the appropriate personally planned treatment.  

With extensive research experience in the field of genetics – biomedicine, Gene Solutions scientists have obtained many achievements in their expertise, especially in the field of prenatal genetic screening tests and early cancer detection. Studies from members of Gene Solutions’ R&D team are recognized and widely applied nationally and internationally, opening a promising future for the field of genetic research, as well as creating a positive influence for early cancer detection that benefits the community. 

Investing in talent recruitment and learning & training partnership  

Gene Solutions opens recruitment opportunities for all talented people who are enthusiastic about genetics. This is the driving force for the “research flow” to always bring outstanding achievements both academically and practically.  

Currently, many of the experts at Gene Solutions are selected, professionally trained, and highly educated from prestigious universities abroad from the US, UK, Australia… Our experts have completed many scientific projects, as well as certain clinical experiences.  

Professional advisors for medical consultation 

In addition to a team of senior medical advisors, we are proud to accompany many prestigious partners in the journey of “communizing” genetic testing to make it more accessible.  

Gene Solutions also cooperates with Doctors, Masters, PhDs and Professors who have been devoting themselves to decoding Vietnamese genetics.   

Prof. Dr. Bs. Truong Dinh Kiet – Director of the Institute of Medical Genetics, Former Vice President of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ho Chi Minh City; Former Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Stem Cell Association. Ho Chi Minh City (in the middle) with the Founding Team of Gene Solutions. 

The network of Gene Solutions’ strategic partners with leading experts in the field of obstetrics – pediatrics and oncology and genetics in general is more than 2,000 hospitals and clinics across Vietnam. That will enhance Gene Solutions’ reputation for our mission of providing the best genetic solutions at the most reasonable price and most importantly making genetics accessible to everyone in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. 

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The community program “Towards a genetically healthy Vietnamese generation” aims to raise awareness about screening and early detection of cancer by donating 7000 free SPOT-MASTM cancer screenings, with a total value of more than VND50 billion, to more than 100 businesses, hospitals and clinics across the country.

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