The importance of early cancer detection

12 years

This is the stage when cancer appears and progresses silently
Early detection and treatment significantly increases the success rate of treatment*

(*) The success rate depends on the type of cancer and the patient’s condition

3 years

After the silent progression stage, the cancer begins to show signs of metastasis
  • Ineffective treatment & very low survival rate
  • High cost of treatment
  • Burden on patients, their families and society as a whole

Current cancer situation in Vietnam

According to Globocan statistics, five types of cancer have the highest morbidity and mortality rates in Vietnam: Breast, Lung, Liver, Colorectal and Stomach. In 2020 there were 17,906 new cases and 14,615 deaths from cancer. This number is expected to increase year by year because:
Most cancers are diagnosed at the invasive stage (the stage where metastases begin and have specific disease manifestations) leading to ineffective treatment and high mortality.
People currently do not have the habit of actively screening when the body has no specific disease symptoms, leading to late detection.

EARLY Detecting Cancer using Next-generation Gene Sequencing Technology (SPOT-MASTM)


One blood sample only


Detecting five common types of cancer at the same time


Accuracy of
up to 99%*


Optimal cost suitable for Vietnamese people

*Based on 2000 samples at 13 major cancer hospitals, screening for positive cases gives 99% accuracy after diagnosis.

This method is not intended to replace important routine cancer screenings

EARLY Detection of Five Types of Cancer at the same time







Based on circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA)

Using next-generation sequencing

Detects the presence or absence of ctDNA in the blood

Return results and advice after the test

SPOT-MASTM: Based on next-generation gene sequencing technology

Meaning of test results

No ctDNA
in the blood

At the time of taking your blood test, you have no positive signs of the five most common types of cancer (Breast, Liver, Lung, Stomach, Colorectal). However, you still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and re-screen after 1 year.

There is ctDNA
in the blood

You are positive for one type of cancer within the scope of SPOT-MASTM technology (Breast, Liver, Lung, Stomach, Colorectal). In the next step, we will advise on your diagnosis and treatment through genetic testing in conjunction with the systems of leading oncology hospitals in Vietnam.


Gene Solutions wishes to contribute to the community’s peace of mind regarding cancer as well as reduce economic and psychological costs through the program.
“Join hands to fight cancer—Let’s work together towards a genetically healthy Vietnam”


Let’s work together towards a genetically healthy Vietnam


April 15, 2022–July 31, 2022
Cooperating with the 14 largest cancer hospitals nationwide.

2000 screening samples.


August 8, 2022–October 31, 2022
Share screening samples with more than 50 hospitals, cancer clinics and the largest enterprises in Vietnam.

5000 screening samples.


From November 2022 to 2025
Continue to mobilise funds for cancer prevention, the General Medical Association, large hospitals and leading businesses sponsoring more screening samples in the community.

The community program “Towards a genetically healthy Vietnamese generation” aims to raise awareness about screening and early detection of cancer by donating 7000 free SPOT-MASTM cancer screenings, with a total value of more than VND50 billion, to more than 100 businesses, hospitals and clinics across the country.

Acquired and inherited cancer risk survey

Within just 3 minutes of taking this survey you will know your potential cancer risk and that of loved ones in your family.

Exclusively for your business

Sign up to learn about the early cancer screening program for businesses.

Hospitals participating in the program

  1. Thong Nhat Hospital
  2. Buon Ma Thuot University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy
  3. Hoan My Saigon Hospital
  4. Saigon HealthCare Hospital
  5. Hong Duc III General Hospital
  1. Van Hanh Medical Center
  2. Dong Nai General Hospital
  3. An Phuoc Hospital
  4. 199 Da Nang Hospital
  5. Gia Dinh Hospital
  6. Dong Thap Tam Tri Hospital
  7. Hanh Phuc General Hospital
  8. Thanh Vu General Hospital
  9. An Phuoc Hospital
  10. Binh An – Kien Giang Hospital
  11. DHA Healthcare
  12. Hoan My Saigon Clinic
  13. Van Hanh General Hospital
  14. Yersin International General Clinic
  15. Columbia Clinic
  16. Vietnam Australia Clinic
  17. Medical University Clinic
  18. Saigon International General Clinic
  19. Golden HealthCare Clinic
  20. Singapore Indochina Healthcare Group (SIHG)
  21. Nhan Hau General Clinic
  22. Hoan Anh Gia Lai Hospital
  23. Hoan My Da Lat Hospital
  24. Thien Nhan Hospital
  25. Family Hospital
  26. Tam Tri Nha Trang Hospital
  27. Diag Center
  28. Hoan My Thu Duc International General Hospital
  29. Hong Ngoc Phuc Truong Minh Hospital
  30. MediPlus
  31. Bao Son General Hospital
  32. GeneMart
  33. Ngoc Tam Medical
  34. Thai Binh High Quality General Hospital
  35. Ngoc Bich General Hospital
  36. Medlatec General Hospital
  37. VIP 12 Clinic
  38. Hanoi Hospital
  39. Hung Viet Oncology Hospital
  40. An Sinh Hospital
  41. TWG Long An Hospital
  42. Hue Central International Hospital
  43. Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital
  44. Hanh Phuc General Hospital
  45. Columbia Asia Hospital – Binh Duong
  46. Xuyen A General Hospital
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