Gene Solutions is committed to protecting the privacy of customer information. Please read the “Privacy Policy” below to better understand the commitments we make to respect and protect the rights of customers:

1.    Purpose of collecting personal information:

The information collected via the website will help us:

  • Support customers when using the service here
  • Answer customer questions
  • Provide the latest information on our website to customers
  • Review and upgrade the content and appearance of the website
  • Carry out promotional activities related to Gene Solutions’ products and services

For online support at, you may be asked to register an account and enter personal information or contact information.

We may also collect information about visits, including the number of pages visitors view, the number of links they click and other information related to their connection to We also collect information that your web browser uses every time you visit the website, including: IP address, browser type, language used, time and addresses accessed by the browser.

2.    Scope of use of personal information:

The website collects and uses personal information for appropriate purposes and fully complies with the content of its Privacy Policy.

When necessary, we may use this information to contact you directly in the form of: sending open letters, thank you letters, technical and security information, periodic letters providing new service information, information about upcoming events or recruitment information if you sign up to receive email notifications.

Except for the use of personal information as stated in this policy, we are committed not to disclose clients’ personal information.

In some cases, we may hire an independent agency to conduct market research projects. Your information will be provided to this unit in order to conduct the project. This third party will be bound by a confidentiality agreement under which they are only allowed to use the information provided for the purpose of completing the project.

We may disclose or provide personal information in the following cases when absolutely necessary: (a) When required by law enforcement agencies; (b) In cases where we believe it will help us protect our legitimate interests before the law; (c) Urgent and necessary situations to protect the personal safety of other members.

3.     Information storage time:

We will store personal information provided by customers on our system during the process of providing services or until the purpose of collection is fulfilled or when customers request to cancel the services information provided.

4.   Address of information collection and management unit:


186-188 Nguyen Duy Duong, Ward 03, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Business registration license number 0314215140 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City on January 23, 2017

Legal representative: NGUYEN HUU NGUYEN


5.   Methods and tools for consumers to access and correct their personal data:

At any time, you can access and correct your personal information through the links we provide or via the online support hotline (0287 101 8688—Key 1/0911 649 383).

The mechanism for receiving and resolving consumer complaints related to the misuse of personal information or reported scope is as follows

If discovering that personal information has been used for the wrong purpose or outside of the notified scope, customers may send a complaint to email, or call the hotline (0287 101 8688—Key 1/0911 649 383) to make complaints and provide evidence related to the case. The Administration commits to respond immediately or at the latest within 24 (twenty-four) working hours from the time of receipt of the complaint.

6.   Commitment to the confidentiality of customers’ personal and payment information:

Commitment to privacy of personal information

When clients provide their personal information to us (via online support hotline, messenger, etc.) they agree to the terms that we have stated above. Gene Solutions is committed to the security of your private information in any way possible. We will use many different information security technologies such as: international standard SSL, etc. to protect this information from unintended retrieval, use or disclosure.

However, due to technical limitations, no data can be transmitted over the internet that can be 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot make a guarantee that the information you provide to us will be kept completely confidential and we cannot be held responsible in the event of unauthorised access to your personal information, such as in cases where you voluntarily share information with others, and so on. If you do not agree to the terms described above, we recommend that you do not send information to us.

Therefore, Gene Solutions also recommends that you keep relevant information confidential (do not click on spam links sent to private messages).

If you use a shared computer, you should log out of your messenger login account, or exit all open website windows.

7. Comply with HIPAA laws and the Code of Confidentiality of Customer Medical Information:

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which is a well-known law enacted by the United States federal government in 1996 that establishes rules for access, authentication, storage, auditing and electronic medical record transfer.

Health information protected by the HIPAA includes personally identifiable demographic data relating to: information about past, present and future health or health conditions, information about health care services for individuals. The HIPAA law simplifies the handling of documents in the healthcare system, ensuring the safety of sensitive patient information.

As a medical and healthcare service provider, Gene Solutions is committed to strictly complying with the HIPAA Privacy Rules as follows:

  • HIPAA Security Rule—protecting databases and data about security.
  • HIPAA Code of Practice—specifying enforcement and procedures for hearings and penalties.
  • HIPAA Breach Notification Rule—requires healthcare providers to notify individuals when there is a breach of protected health information.

Health care providers are responsible for how Protected Health Information (PHI) is reviewed, used and disclosed. All users of Gene Solutions are guaranteed the benefits set forth in HIPAA:

  • Right to Receive Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Access to health information is protected
  • Right to amend health information is protected
  • The right to health information disclosure is protected
  • Right to request restrictions on the use and disclosure of medical information

Commitment to the security of payment information

Gene Solutions does not charge a user fee when accessing our website. You must notify us if there are any changes or related problems to coordinate with the affiliates of the Bank as well as the authorities to resolve.