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Explore your genes, understand your skin

Discover your own skin health attributes as determined by your genes.

Optimize your skincare routines and choose the right skincare products.

Create a customized nutrition/diet regimen and improve your lifestyle as well as daily activities.


GenLove Skin test package components include:


Why choose GenLove Skin?

Free shipping for test kit delivery

Free of charge for test kit shipping and sample pick-up

Most advanced technology

Use next-generation sequencing technology from Illumina, US.

Short turnaround time (only 7–14 days)

Receive results quickly and accurately from our international standard laboratory (EMQN) with complete data privacy and protection.

High-quality test kit with US standards

Collect sample easily at home using noninvasive buccal swab collection techniques from US

Top-notch professionals

Endorsed by an elite team of top-tier professionals in medical genetics, cancer biology, medicine clinical science, etc. from the world’s most prestigious universities and research institutes.

Testing procedure

01Order genetic
sample kit

Home genetic sample kit includes:

  • 1
    Sampling stick
  • 2
    Instruction Manuals
  • 3
    Consent Form
  • 4
    Security stickers
  • 5
    Guide to Gene Sampling
02Collecting genetic samples and send
them to Gene Solutions

The process for collecting genetic samples at home

  • 1
    Gargle with clean water for five seconds.
  • 2
    Rub the cotton swab tip on the cheek mucosa inside the mouth, 30 seconds per side.
  • 3
    Allow the stick to dry naturally for 2–3 minutes before storing it in a paper bag or zip bag.
03Receive results by
email in 7 days

Receive results by email in 7 days

  • 1
    The genes are decoded in the lab and thoroughly analyzed in the final result.