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In Vietnam

a baby is born with a genetic condition
newborns with congenital abnormalities/year
children with Down syndrome/year
children with thalassemia/year

According to Ministry of Health and population statistics in 2017

What is triSure NIPT test?

triSure is a non-invasive prenatal screening test that uses cell-free foetal DNA released into maternal blood for early detection of foetal risk of serious birth defects, which are common due to numerical chromosome abnormalities.triSure employs Next-Generation Sequencing technology, Illumina, USA and is the only NIPT test in Vietnam developed based on a genetic database of more than 200,000 pregnant Vietnamese women, with an outstanding accuracy of >99%.Early detection of common genetic birth defects in the fetus helps creates an opportunity for parents to manage pregnancy plans more effectively, while preparing for the next pregnancy.

triSure NIPT has its own algorithm (triSure algorithm) and technical process, which are validated by international publications*​

– The triSure algorithm is the world’s first additive algorithm to help differentiate between foetal and maternal DNA, recognize maternal mosaicism and foetal abnormalities, and increase test accuracy.– triSure is the NIPT test that reduces the need for amniocentesis, 25 times more than other biochemical tests**.– triSure helps to minimise false positive cases (positive test results when the foetus is really disease-free)***

(*) International publication “Establishing and validating non-invasive prenatal testing procedure for foetal aneuploidies in Vietnam”.

(**) Published in the Vietnamese Medical Journal “Investigate positive predictive values of NIPT triSure noninvasive prenatal test in medical practice” by Patricia AT, et al (2016); “Noninvasive prenatal testing in the general obstetric population: clinical performance and counselling considerations in over 85,000 cases”, Prenatal Diagnosis, 36, 237 243 & Petersen AK, et al. (2017). “PPV estimates for cell-free noninvasive prenatal screening from data of a large referral genetic diagnostic laboratory”, Am J Obstet Gynecol; 217:691. e1–6.

(***) International publication “Reducing false positive rate of foetal monosomy X in non invasive prenatal testing using a combined algorithm to detect maternal mosaic monosomy X”

Benefits of triSure NIPT

Early screening for serious and common birth defects in the foetus. Early detection of common genetic birth defects in the foetus.

Performed at nine weeks or more of pregnancy and is recommended as the first test for pregnant women.

Sensitivity and specificity >99% can replace biochemical tests such as double test.

Early screening for timely intervention or a better pregnancy management plan, appropriate delivery management, postnatal care and preparation for the next pregnancy.

Many supportive options after testing:​

  • FREE screening package for nine common recessive genetic diseases for mothers
  • Support the cost of chorionic villus sampling/amniocentesis and diagnosis for cases with positive results.
  • Support for the CNVsure/G4500 test worth VND 8,500,000 if the NIPT is negative, but the ultrasonography is abnormal (not applicable to triSureFirst).
  • Insurance on the result of 200 million VND.
  • A team of genetic counselors accompanies obstetricians and pregnant women throughout the pregnancy.

Testing scope of triSure NIPT

Numerical chromosome abnormalities in the foetus

Dominant monogenic diseases for the foetus

Monogenic recessive diseases from the mother


Pre-test counselling

Taking the mother’s blood and separate extracellular DNA

Sequencing of cell-free DNA

Counting-base analysis

Returning results and post-test counselling

Ưu điểm của trisure so với sàng lọc sinh hoá



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