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Listen to your body using genetics. The GenLove product group helps determine your personality, potentials, nutrition, physical fitness, bodybuilding, skin, metabolic activity, and risk of viral infection. These insights are key to better understanding your body and improving your physique and mental health, equipping you with the necessary skills for more effective work, study and relaxation.


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Testing scopeDiscover your child’s physical ability, nutritional status, potential and personality (recommended for children under the age of 18).Discover your own physical ability, nutritional status, potential and personality (recommended for adults above 18).Analyze your biomarkers of metabolism and energy adsorption as well as energy storage, which helps further investigate the body's capacity to gain or lose weight, fat and muscle formation.Analyze five characteristics of skin cells such as UV sensitivity, vulnerability, moisture retention, pigmentation disorders, aging, etc.

Decoding your child's genes - GenLove Kid

Through the analysis of 37 genes, ten genetic traits will be decoded, allowing you to ascertain your child’s physical ability, nutritional status and personality, assisting you in:

  • Designing a comprehensive healthcare program.
  • Selecting an educational plan that aligns with your child’s receptive, thinking, and personal characteristics.
  • Being your child’s trusted friend.

Decoding your own genes - GenLove Me

Through the analysis of 38 genes, you will discover your own physical ability, nutritional status, potentials and personality, which altogether assists you in:

  • Being aware of your own strengths and limitations.
  • Adjusting your diet, exercise routine and sleep habits.
  • Designing a diet based on your genetic background.
  • Developing your potential and social tendencies.

Decoding your metabolic ability through genes - GenLove Fit

With the analysis of 5 genetic characteristics responsible for the metabolism, absorption and storage of energy from the body as well as the ability to gain or lose weight, build muscle or fat, you will find out how to:

  • Change your diet to keep fit.
  • Select the appropriate bodybuilding exercises for your genotype.
  • Love your body.

Understanding your skin through genes - GenLove Skin

With the analysis of 5 skin cell characteristics including UV sensitivity, vulnerability, pigmentation disorders, aging and early collagen degradation, you will learn more about:

  • Essential skin care advice based on your genotype.
  • Reference information when taking care of your skin.
  • Suggestions for meals and workouts that can help nourish and protect the skin.


Customer stories

Miss Ngoc

Office staff

My favorite spa introduced me to the skincare through genes package, specially designed tests for children and adults to understand potential, personality and physical ability through genes. After getting the results, I got instructions on cosmetics and a skincare cycle. Unfortunately, my skin degrades collagen very quickly. However, as a result, I realized I needed to be proactive in supplementing collagen for the body to avoid premature aging. My other indications also included specific advice for better skin care. If any girl can afford it, she should try it now; the price is also very reasonable.

Mr. Tuan


I was pretty impressed with the highly dedicated consultants, and the timeframe for the results is also pretty fast, taking only two weeks. Knowing your child’s characteristics allows me to better support her in developing her talents. I feel comfortable because gene decoding is scientific.



I’ve heard a lot about different methods for understanding physical personality. However, I was completely convinced once I learned about decoding genes. To truly love yourself, you must first fully understand yourself.


Beauty blogger

Understand your skin, not simply take care of it! Chloe notices a phrase that many people joke about online: loves skincare but doesn’t care about skin, and it seems that this is a typical problem for many of you. To properly address this issue, Chloe has only one piece of advice: you should not only take care of your skin, but you should also listen to and understand the skin to know what to do and what products to apply. Our habit is to treat rather than prevent. That is, use the naked eye and personal senses to assess the skin’s condition and then find products to eliminate the problem. Chloe used to do this until I discovered that genetic factors, or genes, can significantly affect skin health and that what I see with my naked eye cannot accurately tell all the important characteristics of the skin such as collagen structure, the possibility of premature aging, or the degree of skin sensitivity. That is also why Chloe decided to use Gene Solutions’ GenLove-Skin service to understand these properties better and figure out the best ways to care for and protect my skin against potential dangers, particularly the risk of pigmentation disorders that cause skin darkening and premature aging.

Ms. Nam Thuong

Dau family’s story

What Nam’s mother loves most about this program is getting in-depth advice from pediatricians and psychologists. I felt a sense of connection and sharing during our conversation, which lasted around 30 minutes. They provide actual examples and efficient information to help parents discover which approaches are appropriate for Dau. Dau, for example, has a low risk of weight gain, which means that she is not the type of person who easily absorbs and gains weight, so parents cannot force Dau to eat a lot to gain weight, but they should provide a nutritious diet for her to grow bigger and stronger. And most significantly, how to decode genes with the goal of assisting parents in thoroughly understanding their childrens’ indicators, allowing them to apply educational techniques appropriate to their babies’ unique characteristics. That’s what I’d like to share with everyone: help me understand my baby better.

Mr. Tung

Office staff

I enjoy going to the gym, but I work out all the time and don’t gain muscle like my buddies. To find the cause, my PT brother introduced me to the gene decoder package. Because of the gene mutation that causes a higher-than-normal rate of protein breakdown and low blood protein levels, my capacity to metabolize muscle mass is limited. The doctor suggested that I include foods that are particularly high in protein and the needed amino acids for muscular growth. The doctor advised me to include foods high in protein and essential amino acids to gain muscle. The results indicate that I should concentrate more on compound exercises and multi-muscle workouts that put more pressure on the muscles and stimulate multiple muscle groups to function. In the meantime, endurance sports like running/cycling and yoga can assist training the heart and developing resistance and endurance. ​Listening to myself from the inside out from a scientific standpoint helps me in creating a suitable workout diet; anyone who shares my interest can refer to this GenLove Fit bundle.

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