Comprehensive gene solutions for corporations

Gene Solutions is a pioneer in research and application of gene technology in caring for public, as well as domestic and foreign enterprise employees’ health.

Benefits of direct cooperation with gene solutions

The ecosystem of gene solutions

Tailor-made genetic solutions add more corporate values:

1. Gift packages for VIP customers

Offering a comprehensive ecosystem of genetic tests, Gene Solutions will accompany our business partners to create Gift packages for customers at high-end, or those in need of special care policies.

2. Corporate policy improvement to attract talents

Nowadays, attracting and retaining talents are becoming more and more challenging. Therefore, Human Resource Managers need to put additional values for employees at their enterprises and organizations.

High-quality medical care is also an important factor which strongly influences the employees’ career decisions, apart from corporate culture and working environment.

Gene Solutions’ product packages suggest a wonderful idea to offer more values for employees, especially middle & senior managers.

3. Completion of financial and insurance products for banks, domestic and foreign insurance companies (especially cancer insurance products)

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