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Gene Solutions achieved 2 awards at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO ASIA 2023)

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Gene Solutions, a pioneering brand in the field of medical genetics from Vietnam, has won two Merit Awards at the ESMO ASIA 2023 event. The company has been successful in applying Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology in Vietnam and aims to expand globally with its unique advantages in technology application.

Gene Solutions’ participation in ESMO ASIA 2023 was a major turning point in the company’s journey towards expanding globally. The event took place from December 1-3 and was not the first outward trip for the company.

During the event, doctors and scientists representing Gene Solutions delivered an excellent performance with one oral presentation and four posters. Two reports, by Dr. Tran Le Son and Doctor Vo Hoai Nam, were recognized with Travel Merit Awards. The awards are given to younger doctors under 40 years of age and are recognized by the European Society of Internal Oncology ESMO ASIA.

These two prestigious awards will open new doors for Gene Solutions’ breakthrough development in the future. The company’s booth at ESMO ASIA 2023 attracted a lot of interest and discussion.

The Travel Merit Award was given to Dr. Tran Le Son for his oral presentation.
The report has garnered significant attention from experts and medical professionals.

Gene Solutions, a company specializing in genetic technology, has won two Merit Travel Awards for its excellence in oncology product development and application based on NGS technology. This recognition highlights the company’s innovative and groundbreaking medical contributions through its cutting-edge products such as SPOT-MAS, oncoGS, K-Track, and K-4Care.

During the event, Gene Solutions presented a research report on SPOT-MAS, which was acknowledged by Tony SK Mok, a renowned scientific speaker from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The event, ESMO ASIA, served as a platform for experts and doctors to learn about the company’s continuous efforts to bring genetic technology to the forefront of healthcare, providing high-tech health solutions at a reasonable cost.

The recognition received from the international medical community is a testament to Gene Solutions’ leadership position in the field of medical genetics. This achievement will propel the company forward in developing genetic technology application solutions and achieving other critical milestones in the future. Gene Solutions’ success at ESMO ASIA 2023 is not only a significant accomplishment but also a crucial turning point in improving the quality of life for millions of cancer patients worldwide.

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