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Gene Solutions releases the new logo and brand identity

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In celebration of the 6th birthday, Jan 23, 2017 – Jan 23, 2023, Gene Solutions renews its logo from December 12, 2022 

Source: Gene Solutions Gene Solutions officially releases new brand identity on 12/12/2022. 

The new logo features 23 pairs of chromosomes in a gene. Standing in the logo’s center is an aesthetic image of a sun, a metaphor for a hopeful and new future when people are more equipped with genetic knowledge, understand how inherited factors and environment influence humans’ well-being, and proactively choose a healthier lifestyle to prevent diseases.  

Source: Gene Solutions Gene Solutions’ scientists are committed to providing cell-free DNA solutions for humanity. 

Throughout the past 6 years, we have put all of our dedication and devotion in what we do and are proud to be at the frontline of genetic research, development, and applying affordable advanced gene solutions to thousands of pregnant women and cancer patients.  

Gene Solutions is a place where Science meets Humanity. We gradually contribute to improve life quality standards and establish the foundation for future healthcare development.  

Genetic testing is now more accessible to Vietnamese people. Data derived from cell-free DNA is significantly effective in improving diagnostic tests for diseases and common types of mutations, paving the way for the development of many clinical applications in the future. Until April 2022, Gene Solutions has been conducting a total of more than 500,000+ tests, including 400,000+ tests for pregnant women, 20,000+ diagnostic tests for pediatric patients, 30,000+ tests for inherited cancer screening, and most recently, 10,000+ tests of early cancer screening using the technology that can detect circulating tumor DNA – ctDNA in the blood stream.  

Next Generation Sequencing technology is also Gene Solutions’ strengths and has been widely applied in our tests thanks to its precision and safety for patients or customers. We also work with 2,000+ oncology hospitals and prestigious clinics, 2,500+ partner doctors across Vietnam to provide a holistic care for our customer: before, during and after the tests.  

Source: Gene Solutions –Certified for international standards ISO 15189: 2012 and EMQN – UK,  the laboratories are operated with a single protocol to help speed up the testing process. 

Gene Solutions is working toward providing an ecosystem of genetic testing for proactive healthcare. Our NIPT (noninvasive prenatal testing) ecosystem of tests are developed “For the confidence of every mom”, and same for the ecosystem of oncology products, we aim to create “A future without fear of cancer”. Starting from mid-2022, Gene Solutions has established branch offices in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines in order to expand to Southeast Asian region to serve a wider population with similar genomes. 

The change of our brand identity and logo is not simply an act of branding, but also a comprehensive transformation of the whole business. Such transformation would include the standardizing laboratory procedures to “single-flow protocol” in order to accelerate the sequencing process, analyze more mutations, and gene types and maximize the capacity of our internationally certified laboratories. 

Source: Gene SolutionsGene Solutions utilizes 10+ state-of-the-art Next Generation Sequencing instruments from Illumina and MGI. 

Social responsibility, humanity, and compassion are always at the heart of every Gene Solutions‘ developments. In the future, Gene Solutions continues to put more efforts to make our state-of-the-art technology more accessible and affordable to the needy. 

Inspired from the new brand identity, Gene Solutions would strive to have more breakthroughs, become a trusted partner of scientists, medical practitioners, genetic experts, and continue to live our mission as applying pioneering NGS-based genetic testing in disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment monitoring, because we believe that everyone deserves a better healthcare that are both advanced and affordable. 

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